This is the optimal choice for those who just want a minimal change. Package includes front serrations only. $150

Less is More.

For those who want just a little bit more. This package includes a pocket, front serrations and chamfered edges.  $250

All in Moderation.

Going all in. Package includes pocket, chamfered edges, front serration cut throughs or front serration wiith windows. $350

Full Effect.

*Slide cut packages available for Glock models only at this time.

A few of the most common services provided are as follows:

  •  AR modifications

  • Bore sighting

  • Custom AR builds

  • Firearm transfers 

  • Port and polishing

  • Refinishing 

  • Replacement gun parts

  • Scope Mounting

  • Service & parts suggestions to assist you in maintaining a safe and accurate firearm.

  • Pistol modifications: changing out triggers, double under cut, single under cut, slide cut packages


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